Space, Evil Queens & A Magical Garden – A Day at The Theatre.

If you have been attending Dakoda’s Dance  academy over the last term you may have noticed a busy flurry of students running from class to class, paper flowers strewn around reception and the odd Magical gateway to another realm.

This is due to the Dakoda’s Dance Academy annual show at HMT piccadilly london ( link). We have teamed up with the wonderful guys at 
Class talent to help put on a show that the kids (and fmailies) will remember for a long time. Now the show was on the 2nd december 
and for all of you who attended we hope you loved it as much as we enjoyed makig it.

Our own 2 children Ashton,8 and Berry 4) 
both danced in the show so we know the extra effort the parent had t to make sure their children turned up on time to rehearsals, 
remembered their uniforms…..and of course helped practice at home.

For those of you who could attend the show, we all had a great time. Rehearsals were held at Marlborough school in London where the children were able to try on their costumes for the first
time. Act 1

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