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How to Audition

DDA Street Dance Competition Classes will take place every Saturday during DDA term time and various Sundays

Saturdays during Term Time
SATURDAYS 12.00-12.45pm


Our next Competition rehearsal date will be on
Saturday 14th January during competition classes from
10-1pm (3 hours)

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What is the Street Dance Team?

Are you looking for an extraordinary opportunity to take your child’s street dance abilities to new heights? Look no further! Our specialized street dance competition classes are designed to provide an enriching experience for children who are truly dedicated to honing their dance talents.

In collaboration with our regular Saturday street dance classes ( and other styles), these competition-focused sessions offer an unparalleled learning journey. Geared towards pushing boundaries and achieving excellence, our competition classes provide an avenue for your child to showcase their passion and dedication.

In addition to instruction, children’s street dance team classes also typically involve some Sunday practice sessions. This is where students can put into practice what they have learned and work on their technique. Practice sessions are also a great opportunity for students to socialize with each other and build teamwork skills.

Finally, children’s street dance team classes often offer performance opportunities. This is where students can showcase their skills in front of an audience. Performance opportunities can be a great way for students to build confidence and self-esteem.

Street Dance Hip Hop A group of children dancing street dance in a studio. The children are all wearing street dance attire, and they are all smiling and having fun. The background of the image is a graffiti wall, and there is a boombox in the foreground. Street Dance for Kids
Street dance Hip Hop Dakoda's Dance Academy Competiton team practice

Why Choose Dakoda's Street Dance Competition Classes?

As a parent, you’re always seeking the best opportunities for your child’s growth and development. Look no further than Dakoda’s Dance Academy, where we offer an extraordinary avenue for kids aged 8 to 16 to experience the thrill of dance through our Street Dance Competition Classes. What sets us apart? These classes work in conjunction with our regular street dance curriculum, providing a comprehensive and enriching dance experience.

Balanced Dance Education:
We believe that a well-rounded dancer is a successful dancer. Our Street Dance Competition Classes are carefully crafted to complement our regular street dance instruction. Your child will not only learn the foundations of street dance but also dive into the intricacies of choreography, teamwork, and stage presence.

 Take Their Talent to the Next Level:
Our competition-focused approach is designed to nurture your child’s talent and push their boundaries. Through our specialized training, your child will learn advanced techniques, intricate routines, and the art of performance. This program is perfect for dancers with a burning passion to excel and succeed.

Compete on a Grand Stage: We’re not just about dance – we’re about creating champions. Our dedicated instructors have a proven track record of training dancers who excel in competitions. Your child will have the opportunity to showcase their talents on regional and national platforms, gaining valuable performance experience and making lasting memories. DDA  compete in multiple competitions and showcases in and around London throughout the year.

Convenient Scheduling:
We understand the demands of busy schedules. Our Junior Team classes take place on Saturdays from 12:00 to 12:45 pm, while our Senior Team classes are scheduled on Saturdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. 3 hour  Sunday classes are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on various Sundays.

Unity and Friendship: Dance is more than just movement; it’s about building lasting connections. By joining our competition classes, your child becomes part of a dedicated team, fostering camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our positive and inclusive environment ensures everyone feels like they belong.

Expert Guidance: Our skilled instructors bring a wealth of experience to the studio. With their mentorship, your child will refine their skills, learn intricate routines, and develop a powerful stage presence. We’re here to ensure your child reaches their fullest potential as a dancer and performer.

Information 2023/24

Please note – Regardless of which Competition your child may or may not be competing in. All members of the Team are expected to attend EVERY rehearsal and make up any missed classes.

Every Saturday during term time. We are particularly pushed for time and will have to be strict on class and rehearsal attendance.

Junior Street Comp Team 7-11 years 
Senior Street Comp Team 11 -16 years



Sunday January 14th – 10am -1pm – AUDITION –  All Students
Sunday January 28th – 10am -1pm

Sunday February 4th – 10am -1pm

MARCH 2024
Sunday March 3rd-10am – 1pm
Sunday March 17th -10am – 1pm
Sunday March 24th -10am – 1pm

APRIL 2024
Sunday April 21th – 10am -1pm – AUDITION –  All Students
Sunday April 28th – ALL DAY EVENT


University Of East London sportsdock, GB
April 28th 2024

MAY 2024
Sunday May 12th – 10am -1:00pm
Sunday May 19th – 10am -1:00pm

JUNE 2024
Sunday June 16th -10am – 1pm
Sunday June 30th -10am – 1pm

New Students Joining the team MUST fill in out terms and conditions form below.

Current Competition Team Members

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