Dakoda’s Dance Academy and Knightsbridge Ballet ofers many different styles of dance and performing arts. From Classical RAD Ballet, Street Dance /Hip Hop, Tap /Jazz to Acrobatics / Gymnastics /Breakdance through to Musical Theatre, Drama and Singing all for children aged 1 -18 Years

The following venues are open to all children, regardless of if they attend the school. Our class sizes are limited to ensure each child receives individual attention. Waitlists are available if your chosen class is full.

Click on the following link for each schools weekly timetable.

Cameron Vale School & Chelsea Nursery

Chelsea, SW3 3 AP -

Our timetables have been designed to allow your child, once over the age of 3, to take multiple classes back to back. Please see below for examples of some of the schedules our current students take.

Why Choose Dakoda’s Dance Academy?

At Dakoda’s Dance Academy, we inspire our students to excel and to be the best they can, whether for fun, fitness or if they aspire to a career in dance and performing arts.

Our exceptional DDA classes are designed to teach in a fun yet disciplined, structured and positive learning environment, where your child can find many ways to express themselves. Dance education is far more than just technique and steps. We believe dance training teaches many skills needed for a happy successful life, not only physically, but mentally, socially and emotionally. So whether or not they stay in dance after childhood, their memories and skills will be used and cherished throughout their lives.

Classes are inspiring, vibrant and our professional teachers are, of course DBS checked.

All our Dance, Singing & Musical Theatre  classes help with co-ordination, concentration, confidence, creativity, musicality, flexibility, strength and stamina. For information about our dance styles, click the link below!

How to be a successful dance student.

Make sure you arrive on time – This will allow for you to prepare and be ready to dance as well as join the class from the warm up and thus reduce any risk of injury.

Dress appropriately –  Wearing the correct uniform ensures you are able to perform
properly and it allows the teachers to see the movement and teach accordingly. Remember that the full attire may include specific hair requirements.

No phones during class – please make sure to silence your phone and to put it away during your lesson.

Always be respectful and kind to your teacher, fellow dancers, and staff members.

Try to use the bathroom before you enter your lesson, should you need to use it, ask your teacher first.

Be mindful of how you enter and leave the studio – do it by being respectful of teachers and students and keeping noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing other lessons that might be going on.

Respect other dancers – be mindful of your personal space and how it affects others when dancing.  Never give feedback to fellow students unless it is indicated by the teacher, and always keep a positive and uplifting attitude towards others. 

Be attentive at all times so that you can follow instructions properly and safely, and make the best of the feedback from your teacher. Remember feedback given to other dancers could also apply to you.

If you are waiting for your turn, it is considered proper to mark or practice the exercise on the sides. Do not disturb the work of others by getting in their way or cartwheeling on the side while waiting for your turn.

Maintain a positive attitude!

Thanking your teacher at the end of class is a long-time tradition and it is a nice opportunity to recognise their knowledge and dedication to making you a better dancer every day!

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DDA class example 4-6years
DDA class example 7-9 years
DDA class example 9-12 years
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