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Holiday camps & Workshops with Dakoda's Dance Academy

UPCOMING Camps & Workshops

For 4 – 9 years old
Seaside Adventures Summer Camp – 15th-18th July

NEW EXCITING CAMP (ideal for Swifties!) 

For 9 – 15 years old

Taylor Swift-inspired Summer Workshop  –  15th-18th July

Join in the fun and learn some skills at Dakoda’s Dance Academy in our immersive performing arts camps!


WHO CAN JOIN ? Children from 4 – 15 years (
Our workshops are tailored to all abilities & no previous experience is necessary.

At Cameron Vale School, Chelsea, SW3 6AH

Full Days – £400 – 4 days (9.30am – 3.30 pm)
Half Days – 
 £240 – 4 days (9.30am – 12.30 pm)


Taylor Swift- inspired Workshop

Dakoda’s Dance Academy has developed an empowering performing arts workshop that combines the excitement of music, acting & dance, centred around the groundbreaking artist. 

This immersive experience is aimed at students aged from
 9-15 years oldNo previous experience is necessary, everyones is welcome from enthusiastic Swifties to experienced young performers.

Led by our talented “Swifteachers,” participants will learn choreography inspired by her music videos and live performances.

We will also draw inspiration from the stories in her songs to develop our 
acting skills. There will be some singing, friendship bracelets & more!

For any specific enquiries feel free to contact us via phone, email or using the button below

About the workshops

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Our exceptional DDA workshops are designed for children to have fun and hone skills they already have and learn some new ones! All through dance, singing, and drama!
Classes are delivered by industry professionals who are passionate and experienced in teaching children, providing a positive environment for them to express themselves and be creative.
Whether or not they keep on practising the performing arts, their memories will be cherished and the skills learnt will be used throughout their lives. 
All our workshops are fun! Learners are gaining coordination, confidence, creativity, musicality, increased concentration levels, and much more!
Our 4-day workshops (Easter & Summer) culminate with an (optional) filmed performance (for those attending the full camp)

A sneak peek into some of the activities that we do in our Performing Arts Camps: 

– We learn some cool moves and one short choreography
ACTING – We play drama games and re-enact scenes from a movie/show where everyone has a role to play
SINGING – We learn a song and have students co-create the movements to go with it
CRAFTS – We get creative and design the props for our other activities (and get to paint which everyone loves)!

We also do many more fun and exciting activities that keep everyone engaged throughout the day!

Performing Arts Workshops for Children

Our performing arts workshops for children are a great way for kids to explore their creativity and express themselves through dance, music, and theater. We offer a variety of workshops to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

  • Dance workshops: Our dance workshops teach kids the basics of different dance styles, such as ballet, hip hop, and jazz. We also offer workshops on specific dance techniques, such as acro and tumbling.
  • Theater workshops: Our theater workshops teach kids the basics of acting, singing, and dancing. We also offer workshops on scriptwriting and stagecraft.

Our workshops are led by experienced and qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching kids. We create a safe and supportive environment where kids can explore their creativity and have fun.

Benefits of performing arts workshops for children:

  • Develop their creativity: Performing arts workshops can help kids develop their creativity by giving them a chance to express themselves through movement, music, and language.
  • Build confidence: Performing arts workshops can help kids build confidence by giving them a chance to perform in front of others.
  • Learn teamwork: Performing arts workshops can help kids learn teamwork by working together to create a performance.
  • Make new friends: Performing arts workshops are a great way for kids to make new friends who share their interests.
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