Mummy and Baby Dance

Mummy & Baby Dance Classes London - Belgravia, London

Mummy and Baby Dance Classes London - Dance with your Baby

Welcome to Dakoda’s Dance Academy – where dance meets fitness and family fun!

Join us in Belgravia for our newest offering: our Mummy and Baby Dance We understand that being a parent is a full-time job, so why not combine fitness and bonding time with your little one? Our classes are designed for mums (and dads!) who want to stay active while cherishing those precious moments with their babies.

Our unique dance classes allow parents to engage in a fun and energetic fitness routine while wearing a baby sling. It’s an excellent way to bond with your little one and get a fantastic workout in! From salsa steps to hip-hop beats, our experienced instructors will guide you through a variety of dance styles suitable for all fitness levels.

Benefits of our Mummy and Baby Dance classes:

  • Bond with your baby through movement and music
  • Stay fit and active in a supportive, inclusive environment
  • Connect with other parents in Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Chelsea
  • Enjoy quality time with your child while engaging in a joyful activity

Our classes are open to parents with babies aged [specify age range] and require no prior dance experience. Come join us for a fun-filled session where you can shimmy, shake, and smile with your little one by your side!

Ready to dance your way to fitness while bonding with your baby? Contact us today to book your spot in our upcoming Mummy and Baby Dance Class.

Mummy and Baby Dance
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What age do Mummy and Baby Dance classes start ?

Adult & Baby Ballet classes typically start at any age. These classes are specially
designed for young children who are just starting to explore movement and dance. Many
dance studios in Kensington, Chelsea, and Belgravia offer baby ballet classes for parents
looking for a fun and educational activity for their little ones. These classes focus on
developing coordination, rhythm, and confidence in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our age recommendations are there for the benefit of the child. We believe that allowing children to naturally progress and explore activities at their own pace fosters a positive development environment, promoting a sense of autonomy, self-discovery, and a healthy approach to learning.

How long are the Adult and baby ballet dance classes?

The length of the Adult & Baby Ballet classes may vary depending on the specific program or studio
offering the classes. It is recommended to check with the provider for the exact duration of
the classes. Generally, classes may last for around 30
minutes to 1 hour.

What uniform should I baby wear to the dance class?

For Adult & Baby Ballet classes, it is recommended to dress your child in comfortable and stretchy
clothing that allows them to move freely. This could include a leotard, tights, and ballet
slippers. It is also important to ensure that their hair is neatly tied back and out of their face.
Some dance studios may have specific dress codes, so it’s always a good idea to check with
the instructor beforehand. Additionally, be sure to label your child’s clothing and shoes with
their name to avoid mix-ups.

How many children are in each class?

Our Adult and baby ballet classes for kids aged 1-3 years are designed to be small and intimate, with a
maximum of 8 children per teacher in each class. This ensures that each child receives individual
attention and guidance from our experienced ballet instructors.

Where can I find baby ballet classes in London?

St Peters Church 119
Eaton Square

How do I enroll my child in a baby ballet class in London?

To enroll your child in a Adult and baby ballet class in London, you can book your class by Following the
link below.

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