PARK WALK SCHOOL from September 2023

Park Walk School Timetable DDA
DDA park walk school timetable

Children's Street Dance, Acro/GYMNASTICS/TRICKS classes and S.E.N.D. classes in Park walk school, Chelsea - SATURDAYS | London SW10 0AY

Are you looking Children's Royal Academy of Dance Ballet, Acro/Gymnastics/Tricks, Street Dance/Hip Hop, classes in Chelsea (Park Walk School)

Saturdays and Thursday Afternoons during term time at Chelsea (Park Walk Schoo)

Everything from Children's Royal academy of dance ballet, acrobatic /gymnastics /TRICKS, Street dance | Hip-Hop @ Chelsea Park Walk School .Classes are open to girls and boys

DDA Park Walk School. Saturdays
DDA Park Walk School.chelsea Saturdays

Saturday Classes

Children's Acrobatic/ Gymnsatics/Tricks

Learning the correct way to stretch, warm up. Moving from Sitting Straddles to Handstands & Cartwheels Our Acro /Gymnastics/Tricks class for boys and girls is an energetic class for all abilities and ages. Students will learn to stretch and warm up safely, following on to sitting pike, sitting straddles, forward rolls. They will then progress further into handstands, Cartwheels, Bridges, Kick Overs & More

Children's Street Dance / Hip Hop

Hip Hop / Street Dance is one of the coolest dance styles out there. From Popping & Locking to Breaking & Lyrical. Within the class the teacher uses the most current music to inspire the children to dance to from artists such as Justin Timberlake & Beyonce to Stormy and Billie Eilish. They also use classic 80s and 90s tracks to give a classic Hip Hop vibe. All tracks are age appropriate. Whether your child is a beginner or a little more advanced, our Street Dance classes are tailored to accommodate and are taught by out friendly, professional dance instructors.

Children's Royal Academy of Dance Ballet

DDA follows the Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet syllabus. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations. Examinations at each level are optional. Levels are Pre-Primary, Primary, and Grades 1 through 8 or into Intermediate Foundation and up. In these classes the language of Ballet, as well as knowledge of correct structural and muscular placement will be taught. Ballet is the most beneficial dance form for body placement. Elegance, grace with strength, flexibility, expression and artistry are taught and students will learn the disciplines of classical, free- movement and character. For more information about the Royal Academy of Dance and it’s syllabi please go to www.rad.org.uk. Ballet is highly recommended for all students wishing to improve their overall dance technique, to grow and progress to more advanced levels of dance.

Adult & Me classes

Our parent and child ballet classes are designed for parents with children aged 2-3 years. These classes provide a unique opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s early dance education. Together, you and your child will learn the basics of ballet in a fun and engaging environment. Our experienced instructors will guide you through age-appropriate movements and exercises that will help develop your child’s coordination, balance, and musicality. Join us for a memorable bonding experience with your little one!

S.E.N.D. Dance classes ( Special Educational Needs & Disabilities).

At our SEND dance classes, children learn a range of skills that promote physical, social, and emotional well-being. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where every child can explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop lasting friendships. Through our classes, children learn fundamental dance techniques, such as balance, coordination, and rhythm. They also have the opportunity to engage in creative movement and improvisation, enabling them to express themselves in unique and meaningful ways. Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods, including visual aids, sensory props, and verbal cues to cater to different learning styles and abilities.
In addition to dance skills, our classes promote socialization and teamwork. Children learn to interact with others through partner work and group exercises, building communication and collaboration skills. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child is valued and respected, fostering a sense of belonging and community.
At our SEND dance classes, children also develop emotional skills such as self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-expression. Through movement and music, children learn to regulate their emotions, express their feelings, and build a positive self-image. Our instructors provide a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages children to take risks, try new things, and celebrate their achievements. In conclusion, our SEND dance classes provide dance education, catering to the unique needs of each child. We strive to create a positive and inclusive learning environment that promotes physical, social, and emotional growth.

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